Vacant buildings take steps towards progress

Our last report on the saga of the “Ledo Building” at 433 Mass was that the city notified to the owners that the building would be demolished if it remained unsecured. It turns out this has closed the chapter on the Spriggs family as the bank has sold the property out from underneath them.

No details yet on the identity of the new owner or their plans for the property.

In other news on old buildings in the Triangle, the old High G Paint building located at 924 Fifth Street NW has been sold. This 3 level structure lies within the Mount Vernon Triangle Historic District.

The new owner of this property is interested in placing retail on the ground floor and has approached the MVT CID for suggestions. What type of tenant for this 1300 1650 SF space, that is just steps away from 5th and K, would both flourish and complement the existing uses in the neighborhood? Suggestions I heard at the MVT Marketing Committee meeting included a chocolate bar like ACKC, or a housewares store like Home Rule. What are your thoughts? Keep in mind the size constraints of the space.

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  1. 51

    si says

    Nail salons are NOT just for women. last time i got a pedicure the person next to me was over 80 and male. Its all about maintenance. Guys (& girls…), attend to your funky feet! your significant others will appreciate clean groomed digits.

    i think its a great location for a nail salon….if someone wants to open an indian restaurant in another location, life would be perfect.

  2. 52

    Anonymous says

    Nothing against the ladies or their nails… but I think we also need a decoration/housewares store for all the new home owners in the area. There are several "cool, hip and modern" establishments on 14th and M street (Georgetown) that could move to the area.

    I also think foot traffic will increase significantly on that block, and any "impulse item"-selling store might benefit from being there.

  3. 53

    Anonymous says

    Ladies, will you even go to a nail salon next door to a liquor store and AA meetings with a strip club across the street? I understand that this may make a good location for a nail place, but something that would appeal to more people might be better.

    Last time I checked, both men and women, gay and straight, enjoy a good bakery, deli, coffee shop, or something along those lines.

  4. 55

    Anonymous says

    I bought a condo next to an AA meeting and across from a strip club (and, originally, a crack house– Fun Fair). I definitely would not have a problem getting my nails done next door. By the way, the AA meeting plans to move to cheaper space and the strip club is slated to become a jazz/dinner establishment.

    Alot of the notes on this post seem to be fairly anti-female in tone. I don't get it.