Union Station movie theatres closed

The Phoenix Theatres at Union Station closed on October 12th without much fanfare. The only coverage this month from the Washingtonpost is regarding a congregation that had held Sunday mass services in the movie theatre for the last 13 years.

I can’t seem to dig up much on the plans for renovations for Union Station. Ashkenazy Acquisition has purchased the leasehold interest on Union Station in 2007. I believe their aim is to dramatically upgrade the retail and restaurant offerings by eliminating these theatres and revamping the food court.

Editor’s note: I wrote this post around 8am this morning and queued it up for 1pm. Seems in the interim DCist ran a similar post on the story.

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    Richko says

    Love your blog and everything, but just an FYI: Protestant religious congregations, esp. the one that met at Union Station, don't have "Sunday mass." Mass is a properly Roman Catholic and perhaps Anglican/Episcopalian service. As I said, just FYI.