Taylor Gourmet Opening – link bonanza

On Friday Kim previewed the grand opening of Taylor Gourmet. The links below highlight what others are saying.

  • Capital Spice: Be sure to try the arancini – you’ll thank us. Just don’t ask for mayo on your sandwich. They don’t have any, and they don’t make any apologies for what they see as an issue of authenticity.
  • Penn Quarter Living: The interior has an industrial feel to it featuring an ordering area, a pickup area around the corner and ample seating including a communal table.
  • ReadySetDC: The bread is not drenched in oil to overwhelm the flavors and ingredients. The Rocky risotto balls and spicy peppers on the side completes the meal as well. By far, the best damn sandwiches in the city!
  • Young & Hungry (WCP): If the original Taylor on H Street NE moved the traditionally cramped, craggy, and oily Philly hoagie shop into the modern era, complete with sleek industrial interiors designed as much for form as function, then the latest shop at CityVista raises the aesthetic bar even higher.
  • Prince of Petworth: I am happy to report that the sandwiches were as delicious as they are at their original H Street, NE location. I always get one of the prosciutto sandwiches.
  • Gradually Greener: One of the main reasons I don’t eat subs all that much is that I hate the big, pillowy, flavorless flour bombs that seem to be the standard bread for such sandwiches. Taylor’s bread had a fantastic crust: thin, almost oily-crisp, with a sprinkling of flavorful sesame seeds on top. The bread underneath the crust was soft and light, with just the right amount of chew.
  • Express Night Out (WaPo): A phenomenal roll is a vehicle to eat killer meats and cheese.
  • We Love DC: If you’re from Philly, I can imagine this is like heaven for you.

Tons of photos from the pre-opening party are available to view in a Flickr set from Docmonstereyes and a Yelp business entry has been created.

Also noteworthy was some of the discussion in the Prince of Petworth comments section. Between the pre-opening party and the grand opening Taylor has already addressed my feedback on the awkward placement of the menu signage by angling it downward. Co-owner David Mazza also chimed in to address the questions around how they were able to expand so quickly by explaining that Edens & Avant offered them a large TI allowance. Thanks E&A!!!

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  1. 1

    washingtonydc says

    Older, more established neighborhoods like Cleveland Park are seeing tenants flood out of the neighborhood with nothing but vacant storefronts remaining. So looking at how many commercial spots stand vacant in this city, I've really gotta give E&A a lot of credit for attracting quality businesses that will help MVT grow and thrive.

    I almost feel bad for Kushi–they've got a tough act to follow with Busboys and Taylor next door!

  2. 2

    FourthandEye says

    @washingtonydc – agreed. When I first reviewed the E&A portfolio and saw that was all suburban strips malls and zero mixed use I was concerned. They had no track record with a City Vista style complex. But they've risen to the challenge and tackled the opportunity with gusto.

  3. 3

    MVTzen says

    I've already been there twice since it's opened. Love the sandwiches and the the marinara sauce is awesome. Dangerous for my wallet, but it's so good!

  4. 4

    si says

    no mayonnaise…i love it! It is a monster amount of food for the price…a delicious good value. I shall have to take my poppa here for his birthday, he does love a good hoagie 😉 Nice to see you fourthandeye!