Permitting for public sculpture at Madrigal Lofts

Tonight’s ANC 6C meeting includes an item regarding an application by Madrigal Lofts to place a sculpture in public space.

The sculpture was in the original plans from Quadrangle Development Corporation for the Madrigal Lofts and measures 16’ x 8’ x7’ in size. It will placed on the Eye Street Side of the building in the area between and above the benches.

Rendering of proposed public art courtesy of Quadrangle

Pedestal and benches along Eye Street

Aerial of pedestal and benches along Eye Street

Quadrangle indicated to me that a preliminary meeting of the ANC appeared to agree that they would recommend to the DCRA that the permit be issued; however, a formal vote will be taken at the full commission meeting. Once Quadrangle earns the approval they plan to have a proper unveiling ceremony at the property.

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  1. 1


    I’m curious if you’ve heard anything about permit for this sculpture that was going to be placed on this pedestal. I’ve noticed it hasn’t appeared yet. Think it will still happen?

  2. 2

    FourthandEye says

    Scott, I’ve heard nothing since the fall. If I had to guess I’d say QDC doesn’t want to install it until Fougler Pratt fixes the crooked bench beside the sculpture’s platform. But that’s just WAG speculation on my part. If you want to follow up with Paula and report back that would be great.