October ANC 6C Draft Agenda

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6C
Wednesday, October 14th, 2009 7 pm
Heritage Foundation, 214 Massachusetts Avenue N.E.

Call to order
Approval of agenda
Approval of September minutes
Treasurer’s report
Approval of amended first quarterly report

Brief community and commissioner announcements

  • State Superintendent of Education – Dr. Kerri L. Briggs
  • Completion of H Street Survey – November 10, Atlas Theater, 6:30 pm
  • Ludlow Taylor Health and Fitness Fair – Lauren Garsen
  • GFC Half Marathon November 7 – Lisa Czop


Planning, Zoning, and Environment Committee (Rob Amos, early departure)

  1. 300 block of H Street, modified PUD – Zoning Commission order 06-01 – Less density, less height, plus other modifications – Chip Glasgow. Hearing date ?
  2. Text amendment to permit retail and service uses by special exception in special purpose (SP-2) districts – BZA Case # 09-11. Hearing Oct. 29.
  3. BZA consent calendar – Case # 09-13, text amendment to allow for a BZA consent calendar, limited to certain cases that are routinely before BZA and have high probability of no opposition. The text proposes only one-family dwelling or flats R 1 and new or enlarged accessory structures and community centers. The purpose is to reduce backlog and lower applicant costs. Hearing Oct. 26
  4. Downtown zoning – Zoning Commission Case # 08-06-10, Seven components: replace overlay structure, replace current mechanisms for incentivizing housing with a single system of housing credits, continue retail requirements and standardize them, remove historic preservation goals (only 2 projects in 20 years), maintain existing arts area, establish parking maximums for residential uses, provide a special exception for time limitations for surface parking lots. Hearing Nov. 2.
  5. 2009 amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. Hearing Nov. 2

Transportation Committee (Joe McCann, John Kelly)

  1. Hillsdale College, 227 Massachusetts Avenue NE – Public Space changes to front yard, landscaping, etc., application # 50566 – Anne Adams
  2. Cafe Berlin, 322 Massachusetts Avenue NE – sidewalk cafe, Public Space application #50704 – Irene Khashan. Response deadline Nov. 6
  3. Mt. Vernon Square District Project – pedestrian, bike, transit improvements – Emily Yates
  4. Traffic to be made all stop at selected intersections, conversion from two-way stop to four-way stops, DDOT Notice 09-53-TS, 4th and A NE, 10th and K NE, 8th and I NE. Comments deadline Oct. 20
  5. Madrigal Lofts, 811 Fourth St. NW – Application to place a sculpture in public space – Paula Conley. Response deadline Oct. 22
  6. Proposal to pass a resolution supporting Fresh Farm Market (Thursdays), Eighth St NW between D and E Streets – Comm. Docter
  7. Proposal to request a DDOT traffic study of downtown area, Pennsylvania Avenue to north side of New York Avenue NW and Massachusetts Avenue, 395, to 15th Street N.W. – Comm. Docter
  8. Eleven new applications for valet parking in 6C09, one in 6C04 – Many of these already have valet parking, and a new DC law requires them to file for an application. Hearing Oct. 27

Liquor License Committee report (Comm. Phelps)

  • Oasis Liquor, brief update – Comm. Phelps
  • Bistro Cacao, brief update – Comm. Wirt
  • Level Tavern, brief update – Comm. Docter

Grants Committee (Comm. Brown)

  • MPD Citizen Advisory Council (CAC) proposed grant – Nancy Rosen, CAC chair

Youth and Education Committee (Comm. Hamilton)

  • Communications proposal (if time) – Comm. Velasco

Meeting Adjournment

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