Ready for Lift Off

The corner of 5th and K has been transformed from a sleepy asphalt lot into a bustling downtown destination. A steady stream of Safeway shoppers are now a constant on Fifth Street. Busboys and Poets, and soon Taylor Gourmet, attract an influx of loyal diners while Ace Hardware and Results Gym fill valuable neighborhood needs.

An area on the figurative ascent is now ready for Lift Off thanks to internationally recognized sculptor David Black. Lift Off is the latest of Black’s open, walk-under structures that combine architectural elements with the energy and references of sculpture.

Side view of David Black’s Lift Off.

Aerial view of David Black’s Lift Off.

In a 2008 presentation to the Commission of Fine Arts, Black ascribed his inspiration for the sculpture to a Kite festival he saw on the National Mall. The design of his proposal is a transparent, canopy-like structure that spreads out while not interrupting pedestrian movement. The design features a small bench incorporated into the lower part of the sculpture. Lights are to be placed at the end of the four cross beams.

Three concrete pedestals have been stationed in the plaza area at 5th & K for over a year in anticipation of Lift Off’s arrival. The wait is near an end as Mount Vernon Triangle CID Executive Director Bill McLeod says installation is nearly ready to be scheduled. More details will be forthcoming in the CID’s fall newsletter.

Over the summer we previewed a future public art installation from Midnight Metal Works that will conceal an air intake louver along the 5th Street facade of City Vista. These two pieces share similar styles and should complement each other nicely.

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  1. 1

    Anonymous says

    I will be able to see it from my window at 555. Love it!! Public art (whatever the genre) is always appreciated.

  2. 2

    K person says

    First, I'm for public art, it's good. However this peice will probably kill the view from the bus boy's patio, but it wasn't spectacular to begin with. I'm not thrilled it has a bench. Hopefully the homeless won't move in on it, but that seems to be the fate of most benches in the triangle. It looks pretty tall, will the block the view of any of the K residents?

  3. 3

    FourthandEye says

    The photos of the rendering suggest the scale is roughly 25ft high. So it would not exceed the height of the retail component of City Vista.

  4. 4

    si says

    Very cool, i love its swoopiness! I cant wait for it to be installed. It'll only improve the busboys view which now includes a couple crappy parking lots.

  5. 6

    pqresident says

    very cool! thanks for putting these images up and giving us a look ahead. one corner down and three to go.

  6. 7

    IMGoph says

    any word on how long until the art that will cover the air intake is ready to be installed?