Could the DuMont be condos once again?

UrbanTurf recently partnered with McWilliams-Ballard to publish a 5 part series on the state of the new construction DC Condo Market. The series highlighted the performance of various submarkets and top selling buildings in the DC area.

Several of the conclusions presented in the series proved favorable for the Mount Vernon Triangle. Our neighborhood sported 3 of the top 12 fastest selling condo buildings in the DC area with City Vista K earning the top honors. New construction inventory in the Triangle, at the current velocity of sales, was also determined to be the second lowest among submarkets at just 11 months.

Could the rapidly depleting inventory in our neighborhood increase the likelihood that new ownership for the DuMont could once again market the property as condos?

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    kcr211 says

    On a somewhat related note, a Notice of Sale has been posted throughout Mass Court in order to comply with the DC housing law requirement that a seller offer residents 30 days to submit an offer. The Notice states that the building is only for sale as a whole, and the asking price is $103million and change.