Ledo property to be demolished?

In February of this year I learned that 433 Mass Ave, which is commonly referred to as the Ledo Pizza property, was an unsecured shell. An entire rear wall was missing leaving the interior exposed to the elements and vagrants. Additionally the neglectful owners had left a dumpster and chain link fence protruding over 20ft into the public sidewalk space.

Photo of Ledo property from Feb 2009

At that time Councilmember Tommy Wells office, MPD and other DC agencies were contacted about this unsafe and blighted property. The issue has recently come to a head. Rumors I’ve heard is that the District government has notified the property owner that they will demolish the building.

The owner has in turn finally scrambled into action to get the property up to code. The chain link fence and the dumpster have been removed and sod grass has been laid down in the public space. As the most egregious structural defects were never visible from street (i.e. the missing rear wall) I’m not sure if they’ve been remedied yet. Should be interesting to see how this unfolds.

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  1. 2

    Anonymous says

    It is blighted property and irretrievable. With all due respect, the owner likely has mental problems and has an unhealthy attachment to this building he has been letting rot. If the city does not demolish it, then shame on the city.

  2. 3

    si says

    strange story, the owner was a stubborn holdout. according to the tax records it was sold in 2007 for about 775k to "ams blue skies llc" (?! is blue sky a popular name or what?) and they never paid taxes (orig owner did, just always late)…the city has been charging the vacant rate since about 2006 and the balance now sits at 114k! let see if that disappears ala bible way's 2 mil bill that went up in smoke.

  3. 4

    Anonymous says

    This guy is a moron. If I remember correctly he turned down a 1+ million dollar offer from the developer when the Dumont and the office building next door. He refused and forced them to build around his lot so he could open his pizza shop. No those buildings sit empty and he has to feel like the biggest arse in DC next to Marion Barry.

  4. 5

    Chris L says

    I think it was way more than 1 million..possibly closer to 10. It was the last parcel the developer needed to assemble in order to build that office building to the left. There was a big Post article on it. I remember thinking "How many pizzas is he going to have to sell to make up for the cash he just missed out on?"

  5. 7

    455 Mass. PM says

    Looks like there may be a new property owner. I met with two gentlemen this morning that tell me they have the property under contract and plan on knocking down the existing structure. FINALLY!

  6. 8

    FourthandEye says

    @455 Mass PM. – Thanks for the latest scoop on Ledos. Any news on Buddha Bar? =)