Downtown Park and Open Space User Survey

The DC Office of Planning has a new online survey (link) regarding Downtown Parks and Open Spaces:

The DC Office of Planning is beginning a study to examine access, availability, and programming for park and open spaces in DC’s Downtown and the emerging high density neighborhoods north of Massachusetts Avenue. The study will focus on what improvements are needed to better serve Downtown’s workers and growing residential population. As part of this examination, we will look at both how we can better use existing parks such as Franklin Square and the many triangle parks, such as Gompers Park, but also plan for new parks and open spaces in areas where they are needed.

By completing this survey you will help us better understand how to plan for these parks to better serve area residents and workers. If you would like more information on this effort, please contact Thor Nelson at (202) 741-5241 or by email at or Emily Yates at (202) 442-7704 or by email at

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