Renderings for 300 K Street NW

The new Mount Vernon Place Master Plan outlines more specific details on the proposed office buildings along K Street. The most drastic shift in the new master plan is the facade change for the 300 K Street from a office building. Originally depicted with masonry that complemented the styles of the adjacent condominiums of the new plans show a floor-to-ceiling glass look.

New rendering of 300 K Street; Click to enlarge.

Original rendering of 300 K Street; Click to enlarge.

The building will have approximately 10,141 SF of ground floor retail space with 11’6″ ceiling heights slab to slab.

First floor plate for 300 K Street; Click to enlarge.

As you can see from the drawing above a lobby entrance is planned at the center of the K Street frontage with retail space on either side flowing back along the 3rd and 4th street frontages.

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  1. 3

    IMGoph says

    and i wish that everyone wasn't jumping on the ceiling-to-floor glass look all at once.

    at least someday we'll be able to point at them and say "that building was built 2007-2012 (or so)"

    and a lobby just kills the block. smaller entrance space, more retail!

  2. 4

    Anonymous says

    Seems to have become fashionable to say that you don't like the glass walled office buildings.

    I don't follow. I actually like them. Could there be some more variety? Probably.

  3. 5

    Chris L says

    I agree with IMGoph. The all glass look is getting stale quickly. I wish more developers would choose designs that mix colors materials: glass, masonry, wood, metal, etc. If I was shown that rendering of #300 K Street out of context, I couldn't differentiate it from the hundreds of similar, existing buildings all over downtown.