Mount Vernon Place rendering update

News regarding future phases of Mount Vernon Place, a master planned mixed-use development totaling over two million square feet within the Triangle, has been few and far between. Construction on the project has ceased since the Mitchell Mayer building and the Sonata and Madrigal Lofts condominiums delivered over 2 years ago.

This past August, according to the Washington Business Journal, Mount Vernon Place developer Sandy Wilkes tested the waters in the sweepstakes for a proposed MSG theatre. Such a concept was a long shot for this site. Given the creation of a September 2009 update of the Mount Vernon Place Master Plan focus appears to have been restored to building 12 story LEED certified Class A office space along K Street.

New Mount Vernon Place masterplan rendering; Click to enlarge.

In the above rendering the color blue represents office space while the creamsicle/tan color represents residential buildings.

Interesting is that the U-Shaped blue massing below 300 K Street (#1) was not labeled with a number nor assigned a name in this new masterplan. This suggests that the developer still has not decided the future for this parcel which was also the case in the original master plan published years ago. The rendering does continue to indicate a plan to build over the edges of the alley that will run from 3rd Street to 4th Street. If that is the intention then the rear frontage of 300 K office building would have ghastly blank walls much like the west edge of the Mitchell Mayer building.

Up Next: A closer look at 300 K Street

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