425 Eye Retail floorplate

The Paramount Property Group has posted floor plates on to their corporate website for each level of it’s 425 Eye renovation project.

Image from Paramount Group; Click to enlarge

Over 29,000 SF of retail is split across 7 bays. Bays A thru C are west of the lobby entrance on Eye street and represent nearly 13,000 SF of contiguous space. East of the lobby Bays D through G follow along Eye Street then wrap around to span the building’s entire Fourth Street frontage.

Seems there are a large number of columns tenants will need to design around. I’m not certain of ceiling height but I would guess 12 feet. If so I think potential restaurant tenants would most likely be fast casual concepts. In past retail discussions many of our females readers have lobbied for a nice spa/nails place. Could this building eventually fill that need?

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    Mr. Mac says

    Reasonably priced means a reasonable rent per square foot. Anyone have any ideas what they are asking? The newer stuff I’ve seen, no one will return inquiry calls, especially Douglas Development, and the ones who pick up the phone want over $45 for old run down buildings, $65 for new. There’s no way that supports a reasonably priced salon. Affordable retail should be a part of any mix just like affordable housing is.