Sneak peak inside 5th & K Taylor Deli

I have a few details and photos to share with regards to the much anticipated new Taylor Gourmet Deli opening soon at 485 K Street NW.

From owner Casey Patten:

Our new store will be located at 485 K Street NW in the City Vista complex. We have incorporated the same look and feel as the location in H Street NE but with a few new twists. The garage door will be 16 feet wide and will open up to sidewalk patio seating. We have taken 55 gallon oil drums and turned them into accent lighting fixtures, these oil drums are suspended from the ceiling with industrial chains.

The down lighting when you enter the restaurant is nine 5 gallon drywall buckets with lighting fixtures inside to create a clean glowing feel. In addition we have created a 6×6 communal table from scratch using scrap steel left over from the hand fabrication of our counter tops and signage. The table top will be reclaimed floor joists from a recent renovation David and I completed.

Very exciting that Taylor will be arriving soon. I’ve been making the pilgrimages to H Street NE to order the Callowhill Street – the best meatball sub I’ve had since I was 12.

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  1. 5

    Wes Mantooth says

    Seriously cannot wait for this place to open. Will they have a license for beer & wine (can't remember from most of my pilgrimages to H St NE if they have it there)…

  2. 6

    Anonymous says

    According to their website, 30 wines under $30, as well as Italian and artisan beers. I assume this means you can drink them in the restaurant, but maybe not.

  3. 7

    Anonymous says

    The H St NE location sells beer & wine but only for take out. You can't drink there.