Chinatown Arch Restoration

Martin Moulton, president of the CCCA, scribed a posting on Monday’s ribbon cutting event for the restored Chinatown Arch.

That reminded me of an email that arrived in my inbox last week while I was traveling. A business owner in Chinatown feels the workmanship on the restoration of the arch was lacking and contacted the DC Fine Arts commission with highly detailed photos.

I’ve posted a few of them below. Click on any of the images to enlarge.

Seams and notches are clearly visible on the arch. Is that to be expected or could the restoration have been done with more care? Was this maintenance adequate to ensure the arch continues to have a long life ahead of it? I’m a little out of my element on this topic and don’t have a firm opinion… but I thought if the proprietor of a Chinatown business was concerned enough to press into action it merited some public discussion.

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