Pets of Mount Vernon Triangle: Volume 3

The third installment of our Pets of Mount Vernon Triangle feature showcases more neighborhood canines.

Shareem from the City Vista L sent in the following:
These are our mini goldendoodles Balki and Bongo. They are best friends, brothers, and littermates. :) Bongo and Balki are the sweetest dogs ever; we think of them like our family.  This pictures is after they got a bath and groomed – they weren’t too happy.

Ouisey is a 2 year old Boston Terrier. She loves to play with her best canine friend, Sarkozy, and all the other dogs at the Madrigal Lofts. Other than her numerous toys, Ouisey’s favorite things include cottage cheese, eating sand, playing tug of war, a warm lap, Roosevelt Island, sleeping under the covers, and chicken.

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