Open Thread

I’ve been traveling since Sunday and have not been keeping my usual tabs on the latest DC neighborhood news. Please feel free to initiate discussion by sharing a recent news item or getting a rant or rave about the neighborhood off your chest.

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  1. 1

    si says

    Last night we biked the Triangle delivering flyers for the Heart of DC Picnic (+ MVSNA agenda & upcoming mtg schedule is on the back)look for em in your building!…2 things I noticed: the huge low parking lot behind AIPAC & the 8 story vent along NJ Ave or is it 2nd st? Who parks there? Also the Triangle was SILENT. No tranny hos, no camping vagrants, all of the parks were clear! Even Subway liquorII & the AA/shelter next to it had no one parked in front. really the only activity came from dog walkers & Busboys full as usual. surreal.

  2. 2

    washingtonydc says

    The new Taylor at cityvista is looking better and better every day…they've got the front wall knocked out and are working on the garage door (I assume). I saw one of the owners there this morning looking over the work. I'm super excited.

  3. 3

    Anonymous says

    What is it with emergency and pseudo-emergency vehicles in DC using their lights and sirens to get around basic laws of the traffic universe? I'm sick of watching cop cars flip on their lights, blow an inconvenient red light, and then turn them off like nothing happened.

    Just a moment ago I watched two DC municipal Ford F350s (I think), go squawking and flashing their way up New York Ave. One of them appeared to be towing an electronic sign that has been sitting at 5th and New York for months.

    Now, it's impossible to know for sure, but how likely is it they're towing that sign to an emergency, versus they're late to clock out and go home?