NY Ave car crash flattens street lamp in front of Yale Lofts

I’m a little late with a report on this incident that occurred late last week as it took some time to obtain photos.

From a Yale resident:

There was a major traffic accident along NY Ave (on either late Sept 3rd or early AM September 4th), someone driving super-fast down New York Avenue by Yale Lofts took out the bus stop and a lamp post. The fallen lamp post is now blocking part of the Yale driveway.

From the photos below it appears the crash leveled a P6 Metrobus sign and a cobra light post.

flattened P6 Metrobus signage

The base of the leveled lamp post

Smashed up cobra head lamp

If anyone has more details or better photos feel free to share.

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    Ajlouny says

    There's been numerous reports of accidents where a car hits the curb jeopardizing pedestrian safety. It's especially alarming when a police car is involved.