Last Call: Pets of Mount Vernon Triangle

This week is your last chance to provide a submission for your pet into the blog’s Pet of Mount Vernon Triangle feature.

Portrait of a Dog
Residents of the Mount Vernon Triangle (plus nearby buildings of Yale, Mass Court, 400 Mass & Meridian) who would be interested in having their pet showcased on the blog please send the information below:

  • Name of Pet
  • Photograph (be creative or adorable)
  • Either a caption for the photo or a short pet biography
  • The name of the apt/condo you and your pet call home

Please email your submissions to mvtriangle|at|gmail|dot|com by Friday September 11th.

Editor’s Note: Response has been light thus far. If you thought this was a great idea and want to see more of this kind of community driven content in the future please consider promoting this to your building’s internal email listserv to help this experiment be successful.

Photo Credit: M.V. Jantzen

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  1. 1

    FourthandEye says

    A friend of mine from Yale attempted to send me some photos on September 5th and they never arrived in the mvtriangle gmail inbox. Of course that concerns me that maybe other emails could have been lost as well.

    I can assure you I have no intention of screening pets for worthiness. If you send in a submission with the basic requirements I requested (pet name, pic, caption or bio, name of MVT building) you're pet will be featured on the blog.

    So far I have received submissions for pets named Harvey, Lola, Georgie, Ouisey. If anyone else attempted to submit their pet please resend.