Brit Gastropub slated for 11th and NY Ave NW

On Thursday Metrocurean tweeted news that a new British gastropub called Againn ( will be opening at 1099 New York Ave NW. This new establishment, that will occupy a 5600sf space in the Tishman Speyer building at 11th and NY Ave NW, comes to us from the Bethesda based Whisk Group.

The Whisk Group’s website describes Againn as follows:

Contemporary British-style Gastro-Pub with modern design and authentic elements. Overall feel conveys comfort and style with exposed ceilings, detailed woodwork, and various sitting areas throughout the space. The concept is further reflected in the menu, with traditional pub cuisine presented in modern ware such as iron skillets, paper cones, etc. Extensive beer and single-malt scotch selection is featured at the very lively bar as well as in the dining room.

The Whisk Group contracted Core Architects to design the look and feel of Againn. Core has designed over 30 area restaurants including Brasserie Beck, Potenza and Policy.

From DC Luxury Magazine:

Brasserie Beck certainly got the attention of Whisk Group, which is opening its debut restaurant in DC, Againn, this fall at 1099 New York Avenue, NW. “Reinventing the gastro-pub seemed right up Peter’s alley,” says CEO Mark Weiss. “We talked to five to ten architects on a global scale—people from Ireland, New York, Canada, who have proven track records. But we selected Peter.”

The old and new together is something Hapstak nails time and again. “I’ve got a fresh idea for anything you’ll toss at me,” he says. “I’ll slice it, dice it and put it back together in a way no one’s ever seen.” The Whisk Group wanted Againn to feel authentic (think leather wall panels, personal scotch lockers, seasonal gastropub fare) even though it is housed in an über-modern building with a glass façade and exposed concrete ceiling. “I got really geeked about the juxtaposition,” the architect says.

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    si says

    hmmm i dont know about this drink slowly thing…ive seen englishmen swallow a pint so fast you'd think it was a shot. & If this place doesn't have curry…bah!