Pets of Mount Vernon Triangle

Dan Silverman of the Prince of Petworth has been running contest called Coolest Pet in PoPville for the last 5-6 weeks. Well over a hundred pets have been featured on the blog during the contest.

Portrait of a Dog
I’d like to experiment with the concept but stay hyper local rather than citywide like PoP. I hope this should be a fun diversion that promotes some community spirit among neighborhood pet owners. Any resident of the Triangle (plus Yale, Mass Court, 400 Mass & Meridian) who would be interested in having their pet showcased on the blog please send the information below:

  • Name of Pet
  • Photograph (be creative or adorable)
  • Either a caption for the photo or a short pet biography
  • The name of the apt/condo you and your pet call home

Please email your submissions to mvtriangle|at|gmail|dot|com by Friday September 11th.

Photo Credit: M.V. Jantzen

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  1. 2

    tom veil says

    I would enter, but sadly, my dog is soon leaving me to move back in with my in-laws. Something about how he'd rather live with retirees. Sigh.