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I created a Twitter feed for the blog back in late March and embedded it in the right sidebar. Updates were sparse and sometimes 3 weeks apart. Now that I’ve upgraded to a 3G phone I’m using the medium more.

Twitter will be a source for shorter and quicker updates that share facts that aren’t worthy of a full blog posting or hint at posts to come. I don’t anticipate relying on the tool too heavily as I know over 140 of you subscribe through Google Reader and thereby don’t benefit from the feed and other sidebar content I’ve embedded on the blog.

Here are a few tweets from the last several days:

  • The DuMont served notice of infraction (re: standing water/algae) by DCRA today and will be served violation if still unresolved on Friday (5 PM Aug 18th)
  • DCMetrocentric posts a rendering for 600 Mass (sporting an urban moat?): (9:09 AM Aug 18th)
  • Contractors have begun working inside Taylor Gourmet at City Vista today! HT @john_thompson (5:25 PM Aug 17th)

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