A new voice in the Triangle

[Ed note: Please welcome our newest contributor Kimberly. She will be posting under the name KimFromtheK]

Long Time Reader, Occasional Commenter, and First Time Blogger Kim here. I live in The K at City Vista (hence the name KimFromTheK) and have been in the neighborhood since the summer of 2005 (renting at 400 Mass before we closed on our condo last fall). I moved to DC in 2004 and really enjoy living and working in the downtown area. My friends consider me to be a foodie as I’m always interested in the newest restaurants and trying new cuisines, so I’m guessing that my posts will lean towards food-related topics but hopefully I’ll expand my horizons as well.

I hope to share a new perspective on life in Mount Vernon Triangle with you, loyal readers.

To kick it off, I thought I’d share with you the top things I love about living in Mount Vernon Triangle:

  • Meeting my neighbors–old and new–who are excited about living here
  • I walk to work
  • Penn Quarter Farmer’s Market on Thursday afternoons
  • All of the new development and retail slated for the near future
  • Having a supermarket in my building after living in DC for 4 years and needing to drive to get groceries
  • Being greeted by name at my favorite sushi place (Momiji) since I’m there about once a week
  • Accessibility to public transportation via the circulator and 3 metro lines (plus 2 more if I’m willing to walk a bit further) when I want, but also easy access to 395 and NY Ave
  • My new favorite cheap eat restaurant, Taylor Gourmet, is coming to my building very soon!

Despite all the great things about the neighborhood there are a few things I think we’re lacking (namely, a quality nail salon!) but I’m curious what everyone else enjoys about living here. Please share in the comments–maybe I’ll discover something new to explore.

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  1. 1

    Anonymous says

    How about walking to the Smithsonian. There's always new exhibits coming through. We get some of the best art in the world, for the best price, FREE! Plus, if you go in winter there are fewer tourists.

  2. 2

    FourthandEye says

    Another plus is easy access to travel. Trips to NYC are SOOOO easy with Amtrak and buses like BoltBus only blocks away.

    We've also got a direct Metro trip to National Airport on the Yellow line. I actually don't use National that often due to price. But the drive to BWI is much simpler and traffic free living here (NY Ave to BW Pkwy) than it ever was when I lived in Arlington (Beltway, I-95).

  3. 3

    Robert Cowgill says

    We really need a neighborhood bar. Something simple, inexpensive, and welcoming.

  4. 4

    washingtonydc says

    @FourthandEye, and it's just as convenient to get to BWI or IAD without a car. Two stops to L'enfant, and you're on the 5A bus to Dulles or a quick walk to Union Station and you're on the MARC or Amtrak to BWI. I prefer to fly out of DCA when possible, but I'm happy that I can still get to the other airports without much of a hassle.

  5. 5

    FourthandEye says

    @washingtonydc – true. For me when I fly out of BWI I'm usually taking 6am flights to the west coast. Those early departures require me to leave for the airport around 3:45am. The transit-to-BWI options aren't in effect at that early hour. I suppose I could leave later in the day to go sans car but I like to reach my destination before noon.

  6. 6

    pqresident says

    great to have another voice in the area. welcome Kim!

    p.s. two thumbs up for Momiji in my book.

  7. 7

    KimFromTheK says

    @Anonymous: Yes, good point, and that would be added to my list.

    @Robert: I like to think of Busboys & Poets as filling that void for now, and eventually the new pub that will be part of the 5th and Eye project taking that on in the future.

    @pqresident: Thanks!

  8. 8

    RobA says

    I'm with Robert – and Busboys and Poets is far from "simple, inexpensive, and welcoming" Food is mediocre, not worth the $$, and service is inconsistent at best

  9. 10

    R&A says

    For bus-to-IAD access, you can take the bus to L'Enfant, too. The Circulator runs down 8th St, for example, and I think the 70 line will get you there, too.

    Circulator to Georgetown and (at least a few short blocks from) Dupont is great when it is not rush hour. I wish it ran all the way to MVT a little later on the weekends though. I'm looking forward to the pro-bus traffic changes I read about here a few months back.

    I like walking to the U Street area.

    While perhaps not a mass-appeal type store, I would like a good (or any, to my knowledge) games/hobby shop to walk to.

  10. 11

    DCThrowback says

    Totally agree with the Robs. Busboys and Poets, while nice for the SWPL set, offers high prices, mediocre food and nothing more than location to me. A neighborhood bar on NY Ave between 4 & 5th Sts would be f**king optimal.

  11. 12

    FourthandEye says

    Busboys isn't trying to be a great bar or a highly rated zagat restaurant. It's a community gathering place that's part bar, part restaurant, part cafe and for the lack of a better word "speakeasy." It's unique offering are the regular events such as open mic poetry night, author readings, movie nights, and other forums. If you don't value these events but instead want someplace to watch NFL games I can understand how Busboys isn't filling you needs. But I'm very pleased we have Busboys as a retail anchor in our community. The fact that it isn't everything to everybody just means we need more development rather than being an indictment of Busboys.

  12. 13

    Anonymous says

    But if Busboys can't fulfill the basics of having decent food and service, it doesn't matter what the other offerings are. I don't care if they have NFL or open mic nights … you gotta have a reason to keep people coming in and eating and drinking – Busboys (and now Eatonville up the road a bit) doesn't measure up to all the hype.

  13. 14

    FourthandEye says

    I've still never had a bad experience or a terrible meal at Busboys. What I order food wise usually is in the $10-15 range and relative for what I'm paying I don't personally feel the value isn't there. My one nitpick is $8 is steep for a Magic Hat #9.

    As for customer service I've always been content. I did get slow service once when we were there for the Biden/Palin debates but when it's off the hook like that I don't expect my beer to be filled instantly. I just adjust and order two at a time. Every other time service has been perfectly fine.

    While I acknowledge that some of you surely have had bad experiences not all of us have. Regardless Busboys is an asset to the neighborhood not a scourge.

  14. 15

    Anonymous says

    that's funny someone is complaining about how busboys doesnt have what it takes to make people want to come back.

    you should go tell the people leaving with smiles on their faces from just having had a nice time with friends. again.

    haters are worse than bland food any ole day.

  15. 16

    FourthandEye says

    At this point, given this posting is about Kim's introduction not a Busboys review, I think the BB&P discussion has run it's course. Let's refrain from further ranting and raving on Andy Shallal's baby in this thread. Feel free to weigh in on Yelp or the Busboys 1st year anniversary posting I'll run in late September.