Micro updates

A few small updates this morning:

  • Several readers have pointed out that DDOT installed much needed physical barriers at 5th and Mass over the paint striped areas. See photos from John and Kim. While the barrels are a bit much this sort of temporary solution was needed to address the safety hazard DDOT created by leaving the intersection modifications they started incomplete.

  • The water being pumped out from the DuMont onto the street is pooling along the yellow curb and producing Algae. The MVTCID has approached DCRA and they will send out an inspector.

  • The prostitutes that previously congregated at 4th & L have relocated to the 5th & Mass triangle park next to the House of Ruth and Circulator bus stop. A few days ago I saw a man with no pants on wiping up after dropping a deuce. Please call MPD if you see any violations of the law.

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  1. 1

    Mase says

    It also appears from the photos that the stop sign for eastbound traffic on I (from Mass to 5th) has been removed, in case the barrels didn't make it clear that I is a one-way between 5th and Mass.

  2. 2

    Anonymous says

    The cones are a temporary solution while the permanent one is being worked out. Should increase the safety of pedestrians and cars alike.

    Please contact the following person when you see the off-the-hook illegal activity in the 5th and Eye park. The officer are supposed to increase their patrols. Call (202) 426-6710 or 6711, to report any illegal
    activity in progress at 5tj amd Eye.

    Contact info for NPS Park Police:

    Lieutenant Keith Rogers
    Central District Station Commander
    U.S. Park Police
    9600 Ohio Drive S.W.
    Washington, DC 20024
    Station: 202-426-6711
    Fax: 202-426-6779

  3. 5

    Anonymous says

    I saw an arrest at the park over the weekend, too. Also, It looks like the stop sign on the west side of the 4th & I intersection has been "fixed" by affixing it to the lamp post.


  4. 6

    Five K says

    I've never been over to witness the 4th & L activity or the 5th and Mass Triangle Park but there appears to be a group of prostitutes that now congretates in front of the auto detailing shop just west of 5th & K.

  5. 8

    wowtdc says

    Some "ladies of the night" have been hanging out at the corner of 6th and K. Can see them from the CityVista.

  6. 9

    Five K says

    fourthandeye – you're right, I meant near the corner of 6th & K as wowtdc pointed out. I've seen the "ladies" several times while walking home late night.

  7. 10

    Anonymous says

    I've posted before about this traffic reconfiguration. I'm a Meridian resident, and this thing is a disaster. I'll be contacting building management tomorrow morning to see what they're doing to represent their tenants' interests. No one knows how to get in and out of the Meridian. You can't make a left out or maybe you can but you cross 3 lanes of traffic. If you try to make a left into the Meridian, people now beep at you because I St. is blocked off. Terrible idea.