Humanitini night at 5th & K Busboys

The Humanities Council of Washington is hosting an author event to discuss dating today at the 5th & K Busboys and Poets at 6PM this Thursday.

Humanitini: The Death of the Date
What’s a date? Is a date when a man takes a woman out and buys her flowers? When the two parties go “Dutch,” agreeing to split all costs? Or is the date now just a prelude to a “hook-up?” Join the Humanities Council of Washington for Humanitini night to discuss and debate the rules of contemporary dating. Invited guests include Janks Morton (What Black Men Think), Omarosa (The Bitch Switch) and Dr. Dana Treistman (District Psychotherapy Associates).

Omarosa? Isn’t she just one of those people famous for being famous? From what I hear she wasn’t effective at the business tasks on The Apprentice – just drama prone. Her wikipedia page says she has gone on to appear on 20 reality TV shows.

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