Citypaper Sexist column highlights K Street sex trader

Jason Cherkis from the City Paper describes the life of a sex trader named Diane who drives her white Mercedes SUV to 6th & K Street NW to prostitute herself.

Diane has been a sex worker for about 10 years. Before the luxury condos, bright grocery store and trendy coffee shop moved in, the area used to be a real hang-out spot. 600 K Street wasn’t just a stroll. The block had a party atmosphere when she started coming around. Not every girl was a sex worker. But soon, she couldn’t help but notice the bills changing hands.

When Diane first started working, she used her earnings for clothes and accessories—what she calls “fashion.” Then she started using PCP. The money could more than cover her habit. She says the night of a Howard homecoming was her best—she made $2,500. But some nights are just a lot of standing around leaning suggestively against a Mercedes SUV.

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  1. 2

    Anonymous says

    The park at 5th & I has been a big prostitution hangout frequently during the last couple of weeks.

  2. 3

    Anonymous says

    I didn't think the column was written particularly well. The writer obviously went into it with bias under the pretense of telling it from Diane's perspective, when in reality his tone was condescending and judgmental.