Lastest on 5th and Eye from DCMud

The latest from DCMud entitled Mount Vernon Triangle Waits for All that Jazz offers an update on the status for The Arts at 5th and Eye.

To reintroduce the Donohoe/Holland project to readers the piece begins by outlining the familiar details including the plans for the ME by Melia luxury hotel, bicycle shop, café and new space for Zenith Art Gallery.

Rendering from original Donohoe/Holland proposal

DCMud learned from Holland that the most substantial shift from the original plan is that the Boisdale Jazz club will likely be located at 5th & K, in a property which Donohoe is negotiating terms for, rather than within the anchor hotel.

Rogue Strip Club

Image of Louis Rogue from Mr T in DC

This confirms the rumors I have heard that Donohoe aims to acquire the Louis Rogue property from the Sigalas brothers to locate Boisdale in the historically protected structure. This change in direction should be outstanding for accelerating the transformation of 5th & K. The arrival of the London based Jazz club could align closer to the timeframes for the renovation of a 3-story building rather than the lengthy construction of a 12-story hi-rise hotel. Also, in the longer run, as DCMud notes, it frees up space in the Melia hotel for another prominent restaurant.

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  1. 1

    Five K says

    "The 475,000-square foot development will center around a new 260-room ME Hotel from luxury Spanish hotelier, Melia, and also include a bicycle retailer, hardware store…"

    I don't understand the logic of adding a hardware store when we already have 5th Street Hardware.

  2. 2

    fourthandeye says

    @Five K – yeah, I hear you. That's why I removed reference to the hardware store in my posting. The thing is District Hardware owns "The Bike Shop". Their other store (24th & L NW) is half hardware store and half bicycle shop. I would have to imagine if they opened in MVT just one block from Ace hardware that they would lease a smaller space and focus solely on bikes.

  3. 3

    namllih says

    Wow- it would be great to do something productive with the Louis Rogue spot. A nice jazz spot right across from Busboys and City Vista sounds like pluses all around

  4. 4

    Anonymous says

    This would really change the character of the neighborhood for the best. Especially the changes to Rogue. How do we put pressure on DC government to get things going?

  5. 6

    Anonymous says

    very sad about the rogue. i've never been there, but its good to have a bit of legal debauchery in the hood.

    too much sterilization and the hood will get very dull.

    plus when there are still so many empty spaces and lots… knocking out an existing business sucks.

    so anyway, the building is the entire length of the block?

  6. 7

    Jason says

    I disagree with the Anon above me. Rogue is not being replaced with a Quiznos. This spot will be a destination jazz club. There is no way that swap is anything but incredibly net positive to the community.

  7. 8

    Anonymous says

    my point is that the needn't be a "swap". replacing a successful business with a new business that will bring in a different clientele is not the best situation when there are so many empty storefronts and lots.

    yeah, it will most likely be a great place, better than rogues, if it actually happens, but whats wrong with having two places?

    and what of the situation that all too happens in dc when a business gets booted, then nothing happens?

    the corner gets worse. in MVT there is no need to lose an existing business.
    the rogue is trying. its refinished its frontage, keeps the sidewalks clean. the building looks good.
    and its not a parking lot. or a jamal property that will sit empty for years.

    its great to plan idealistically, to envision your perfect hood, but bring reality to the table when the cards come out.

  8. 9

    fourthandeye says

    Who is booting Louis Rogue? The Sigalas brothers own both the business and the building. Sigalas will make a financial decision whether they'd rather sell or stay.

  9. 11

    Anonymous says

    The Sigalas family has been trying to get rid of these properties and businesses for years. They have no attachment to them. They now have a business offer that benefits all — improves the neighborhood, keeps the building and creates a vibrant jazz scene. What's with the complaints?

  10. 12

    wheres the art? says

    why put a resturant when you can evolve and put in Art studios for artists and musicians the studios at 443 eye could fit right in and it would create a mixed use building that contributes back to the community thats been here for over 10 years if they are going to call it the Arts building how about fitting it out to be so.