Bundy Lot meeting Thursday night

An organized group of our Shaw neighbors to the north will be meeting Thursday night with the Office of Property Management to discuss a vacant lot at 400 P Street. Residents support a dog park while the government believes the Safe Shores organization moving into the building needs parking.

See flyer below for meeting details.

While I’m an outsider on this issue and unavailable to attend to support, I do hope a compromise can be reached between the two parties. Safe Shores shouldn’t be pushed to park on the street if promised parking by the district government. However, I’ve read compelling arguments that suggest the organization does not need a massive surface lot with 100 parking spots. Hopefully a balance can be achieved.

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    tom veil says

    Wait, isn't there already a giant parking lot at 400 P? My recollection is that that blcok consists of, east to west: rowhouse, rowhouse, giant concrete lot, baseball field, rowhouse.