Bisnow on 425 Eye Street

Commercial Real Estate news site Bisnow reports on the transformation underway at 425 Eye Street. From a content perspective Bisnow repeats much of the basic details and renderings this blog outlayed on May 6th. New information includes placing faces on the key players responsible for the project and suggesting an ETA of July 2010.

Hat Tip: KR

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  1. 1

    kdub says

    a little confused what that grassy lawn across the street is about. isnt that where the dumont is?

  2. 2

    fourthandeye says

    I don't believe the grassy lawn signifies anything. It would be impossible to craft a rendering of the full width of this building building if the DuMont was in the picture.

    If you look closely at the other renderings in our earlier posting the DuMont is acknowledged as the reflection of it's Esocoff facade is depicted in the windows of this building.