More lean than pisa

The eastbound stop sign at 4th and Eye NW (pictured below) has been bent over for seemingly 2+ weeks. It became apparent to me it will likely stay that way until a resident submits a DC.GOV service request – so I filed on at 7:23 this morning. The service center put a resolution date on the request of 12/21/2009 which seems overly padded.

For the lighter side of traffic signage visit the Onion’s Dangerous Intersection Causing Some Pretty Cool Accidents

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  1. 1

    KW says

    Related Question: Recently the west-bound lane of Eye at 5th (access road just outside of Meridian at Gallery Place) was painted over with diagonal lines, indicating that this is no longer a travel lane (the east-bound lane which merges onto Mass was left open). Yet, I still see cars veering left off Mass going west-bound and onto Eye street this way. Will this non-lane ever be enforced? And if so, how else would people traveling west on Mass access Eye street? It seems making a sharp left from Mass onto 5th would be difficult any other way.

  2. 2

    washingtonydc says

    KW, I believe there was a blog post on the plans for improving the pedestrian access at this intersection a couple of months ago.

    I assume (or hope) that DDOT will eventually remove the stop signs in front of the diagonal lines and replace them with do not enter signs and place no left turn signs for the 5th and Mass intersection. You would think drivers would know not to drive through diagonal lines, but I understand their confusion with the contradictory signage at the intersection.

  3. 3

    fourthandeye says

    I don't know all the backstory on the 5th and Mass pedestrian improvements. But I did notice they were preparing to paint the diagonal lines back in early May. Seems the painting was completed in late June.

    I have also witnessed that cars are ignoring the painted lines. I even saw a MPD vehicle ignore them Sunday night. As washingtonydc points out the contradictory traffic signage is contributing to this chaos.

    DDOT should take down the contradictory signage and even consider placing one or two jersey barriers to block off the dead lane temporarily.