Gold Leaf Studios Open House

Summer Open House

Sunday, June 28, 2 – 6pm
443 I Street NW

Building photo of 443 I St from flickr user Kyle Walton

From Brightest Young Things:

Gold Leaf Studios is a converted car garage, and has been the home to many legendary dc artists, musicians and scenesters for many years. The building has undergone a few revolutions and is still hoppin’ and better than ever with new artists, musicians and a soon-to-be-opened ground floor retail shop and design house DURKL (opening in July).

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  1. 1

    fourthandeye says

    Lucas from DURKL sent me this update:

    DURKL and SabreVision Release Limited Sunglass Collaboration.

    Washington, D.C. lifestyle brand DURKL, has teamed up with L.A. sunglass company SabreVision to produce a limited edition run of cobranded sunglasses. The brands collaborated on the “Psychotic Reaction” model, redoing the shape in 2 unique colorways (yellow/iridescent lenses and blue/fire lenses) with the lenses receiving a subtle DURKL branding as well. The glasses will be released in small allocations to both brand’s top accounts, as less than 100 pairs were produced.

    The shades will be available on Friday June 26th exclusively at the DURKL x SabreVision Release Party at Palace5ive D.C. and then release worldwide Saturday June 27th in the DURKL online store( and at select retailers including Joyrich (LA) St Alfreds (Chicago) and BKRW (Paris).

  2. 2

    tom veil says

    Oh, wow! I walk by that building almost every day with my dog, and I always thought it was abandoned.

  3. 4

    arts Dc says

    artists are back? we never left!!!.
    also there is no such thing as an abandoned building all buildings have owners. labels like "abandoned building" give people the idea that its ok to vandalize or break in. more to come from Eye Street Arts studios