Mount Carmel Baptist Church Fish Fry

From the MVT CID website:

Get ready for the Pastor’s Aid Club’s Fish Fry, featuring a menu of fish, chicken, and cornbread. The event will be held on Friday, June 19 from 12:00 noon until 7:00 pm at Mount Carmel Baptist Church; 901 Third Street NW. Dinner (including 2 sides and a drink) is $8. Food can be pre-ordered at the church by contacting Deacon Freddie Allen or Deaconess Margaret Smith (202) 842-3411.

I stopped by the Fish Fry at lunch time. The event is being held in the basement of the church. My wait was one hour for the chicken meal! Those who placed their order in advance or ordered the fish were in and out much more quickly than that. Lesson learned – don’t order the chicken at a Fish Fry! =)

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