Level Lounge Public Meeting Reminder

From DNA president Miles Groves:

The DNA has a public meeting scheduled for Thursday, June 18 starting at 7:30PM at Madrigal Lofts. We expect the owners of the proposed Levels Tavern to attend to discuss their concept and answer questions. The address of this Tavern is 315 H Street NW, near the corner of 4th and H Streets. The Madrigal Lofts condominiums are located on the corner of 4th and I Streets, NW at 811 4th Street NW. This is an especially important meeting for residents in buildings along Massachusetts Avenue or in the Triangle section of Downtown.

At the conclusion of this meeting, the Downtown Neighborhood Association board will vote on whether to protest their Tavern liquor license application.

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  1. 1

    PQS says

    I saw that there was a "Stop Work Order" pasted on the front door of the Level Lounge building this morning. I wonder what happened?

  2. 2

    fourthandeye says

    They did not have a permit for the work that was being done. This included removing the rear firescape and some electrical work. Both DCRA and HPO issued Stop Work Orders. DCRA will likely issue a 4 figure fine as well.

  3. 4

    fourthandeye says

    The DNA didn't vote at the meeting because they lacked a quorum of board members. They do plan to protest.

    I'll recap the meeting, which had over 40 attendees, in a posting sometime in the next 48 hours…