Douglas Development update concept for Squares 450 and 451

According to Jeff Parke’s notes for last night’s MVSNA meeting Paul Millstein of Douglas Development provided an update on the concept he presented last November for Squares 450 and 451.

RED=Square 450; BLUE=Square 451; ORANGE=Convention Center Hotel; GREEN=Old Convention Center
  • Aim to lease properties on 1000 block of 7th Street in Square 450 for retail and restaurants very soon. No need to wait.
  • Square 451 will be mostly office with 20k sqft retail.
  • Assemblage of historic structures at 6th and K.
  • Shalom Barranes is the architect.
  • Square 450 mass will be broken up to prevent one wall effect on NY ave.
  • Originally were going to put Waffle Shop (formerly 10th st) to 7th but think it would fit in better over by AVs at 6th and NY.
  • The Square 451 office building will be curved along K to let historic structures elevations and facades read better.
  • If successful the Square 451 office building will be occupied by 2013.
  • Do not yet own the doctor’s office on the Square 451 but expect to work something out.
  • Park service owns park on south block but Douglas will make sure it’s improved.
  • Waffle Shop might be 2 years from completion

Does anyone have any additional interesting details to share that were not in these meeting notes? Was there any mention of the entertainment venue Millstein previously alluded to?

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