ANC commisioner Keith Silver to picket construction sites in his SMD

ANC Commissioner Keith Silver (SMD 6C01) sent me a copy of his media release announcing his intention to picket construction sites within 6C-01, to protest the “failed” DC First Source Agreement:

His release suggests he will picket:

  • New Communities Project, on “K” St. N.W.
  • 395 Air-Rights,(Return to L’Enfant), 3rd and Mass. Ave. N.W. and
  • 6th 5th and Eye St. N.W. Projects.

I’m not going to fully dissect his release as that is more of political ideology conversation than I care to get into on the blog… But the I-395 Air-rights project and 5th and Eye project aren’t even construction sites yet – each is still the planning or assemblage stages. As for the “New Communities Project” I’m unclear if Commissioner Silver is referring to City Vista or the demolition of Temple Courts.

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  1. 1

    Cary Silverman says

    This is very odd, particularly since I recall Commissioner Silver being present at the 5th and I Street RFP announcement. In fact, not only was he present, but he was permitted to say a few words at the event. With the Mayor and Councilmember Kwame Brown present, I don't seem to remember Commissioner Silver having anything but good things to say about the project, which has yet to begin. Perhaps he will clarify for the community why he would picked vital neighborhood development projects, even before construction begins, on the basis that they apparently might, in the future, not employ enough DC residents.

    I suppose that if these protests succeed in blocking or delaying the Mt. Vernon Triangle area projects, it will save the jobs of the many prostitutes and drug dealers that frequent these areas.

  2. 2

    Deanwood Denizen says

    Silver's protest isn't that negative. The message he's trying to get across is that hiring doesn't begin when a bulldozer or jackhammer does; it often has been in the works months before then. It is imperative to get the hiring plan in place now, specifically by creating a pipeline. For example, Mega Company will partner with Educateme Trade School. OurRights Civic Assoc will funnel residents to said trade school; Mega Company will funnel residents to said trade school. Successful resident Educateme Trade School grads will get hiring preference and jobs. This seems like a lot of work and additional expense for developers and contractors but the community and city have got to demand it. It pays off for all involved in the end.