History of Jazz Concert at City Vista Green

Things to Do DC is having a Jazz event next Wednesday night, June 17th, on the City Vista Green. The event will run from 7:15pm-9:30pm and tickets may be purchased for $20.

NEW EVENT: History of Jazz Concert

Jazz, n. (1) American Music characterized by improvisation, syncopated rhythms, and contrapuntal ensemble playing; (2) American music provoking a serious good time!

Scott Joplin, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Rickie Lee Jones! In a single evening, we will hear the finest of these and more jazz greats as we explore this American timeless classic. We will travel from the beat of ragtime syncopation and driving brass bands to soaring choirs mixed with field hollers and the deep down growl of the blues. We will journey to the Cotton Clubs, to Swing and Big Band and to the modern era.

TTD offers a private concert and lesson for its members from one of the best local jazz bands around – with a special look into the history of Jazz. We will hear the most adored classics from each selective period that shaped jazz from the early 19th Century into the Modern era.

Among the breakdown:

  1. Pre Civil War: Folk music and plantation songs begin the early foundation of jazz
  2. Late 1800’s: Blues develops and is complete by 1910
  3. 1890’s: Ragtime develops and is the most popular music in America
  4. 1900’s: Marching band music, Ragtime and the Blues begin to be fused into early Jazz roots
  5. 1930’s: Swing music brings Jazz to a new high in popularity
  6. 1940’s: The age of Bebop begins
  7. 1950’s: Hard Bop or Funk and Cool Jazz take over
  8. 1960’s: Modal and Free Jazz find followers
  9. 1970’s: Jazz fuses with one of its derivatives (Rock) to form Jazz-Rock or Fusion
  10. 1980’s : Contemporary Jazz age begins
  11. 1990’s: Hard Bop revival

Each period will begin with an introductory discussion to illustrate particular styles and composers.

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