New Tavern at 315 H St NW to attend tonight’s ABL meeting

The applicant for the new CT (Tavern) liquor license at 315 H Street NW will attend tonight’s ANC6C Alcohol Beverage Licensing (ABL) committee meeting. The meeting begins at 7pm at the School Without Walls (215 G Street NE).

Tonight will be our first chance to hear the applicant expand upon this description:

New Tavern with Middle Eastern food and pastries. Hookah Bar, DJ, occasional live bands (maximum 3 pieces), singers, dancing but no designated dance floor. Cover Charge. Occupancy Load 299.

Image from Loopnet

Later this month the Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA) will conduct a special forum allowing residents to express their concerns. The forum will be announced with the required 10 day lead time to have standing should a protest letter need to be filed. I will relay the When/Where of this meeting as I learn it.

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    fourthandeye says

    @SteamingMyLaundry – I addressed some of the potential issues in the comments section of the back-linked post. I am mainly concerned about the alley with regards parking and trash. Some residents may also have concerns about the hours.

    I will be inquiring to the owner about the alley use issues at tonight’s meeting. I hope to recap the answers in a separate posting.