Second Baptist Church not safe for use

The Washington Times is running a citizen journalism article about construction damage at Second Baptist Church (816 3rd St NW).

The walls of the church at 816 Third St. NW in the Mount Vernon Square area are cracked, the ceiling is falling down, and the pastor, the Rev. Dr. James E. Terrell, said the D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) advised him that the church is not safe for use.

“As our congregation was conducting worship services, pieces from the ceiling fell down and [it] was unpredictable and uncomfortable,” Mr. Terrell said. “It was also very dangerous. Someone could have been injured with the large pieces of plaster falling down around us.”

Eighteen months ago, when Quadrangle Development Corp. began construction work, the church was secured as required, but damage starting occurring slowly. It reached a crisis point about six weeks ago.

Quadrangle is responsible for completing the repair work for the church, and the contractors are paying for the church to rent the school for its services, Mr. Terrell said.

Second Baptist Church
Second Baptist Church, 816 3rd St. NW
I’d imagine any damage was incurred during the early stages of the development (chiefly excavation) of the new condo buildings. Hard to believe any of the recent exterior work (window replacement, caulking, landscaping) would have any affect on a structure 50 feet away.

Photo credits: NCinDC, dbking

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    Anonymous says

    Shocker that QDC screwed something else up. They are terrible and their president is a liar and untrustworthy……