May ANC 6C Draft Agenda

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6C
Wednesday, May 13, 2009 7:00 pm
Heritage Foundation, 214 Massachusetts Avenue N.E.

Draft Agenda

Call to order
Approval of agenda
Approval of April minutes

Treasurer’s report: April report; quarterly report (January-March 2009); 2009 budget; new expenses

Brief community announcements

  1. Building Museum, Festival of Building Arts – Ellen Jacknain, event October 1
  2. Proposal to start new CDC for housing – Leona Redman
  3. City Vista affordable housing, 460 L Street N.W. – Comm. Silver, Lowe’s development team
  4. Golden Rule Center – Elizabeth Askew, First Mission Development
  5. D.C. Urban Forestry, mission and how program works -team 3
  6. ITU Triathlon – Ira Brody, event June 21
  7. National Police Week, 5K race – Bryan Vorndran, race May 16
  8. Emmaus Services for the Aging – Christine Lyons

Old Business

Public Safety report (Comm. Dixon)

  • MPD Victim Services – Laverne Hartley

Grants report (Comm. Brown)

  • SPNA application for grant, $1,500 for scholarship fund – Comm. Hamilton

Liquor License Committee report (Comm. Phelps)

  1. Civil penalty proposed rulemaking
  2. Commendation for ABRA acting director

Transportation Committee report (Citizen co-chairs John Kelly, Joe McCann)

  1. 226 Massachusetts Avenue NE – Public Space awning application
  2. 901 First Street NW – J.B. Johnson Nursing Center, add 10 parking spaces, DDOT # 46340
  3. Fourth Street, K-L NW – request for stricter parking restrictions – Merc Fox
  4. Parking in public space – brief discussion item

Youth and Education Committee report (Comm. Hamilton)

Zoning and Planning Committee report (Rob Amos)

  1. Two Rivers Charter School, BZA # 17929 variance for off-street parking, hearing May 19.
  2. NoMa Vision Plan and Development Strategy, Committee of the Whole, hearing May 21.
  3. Small Area Plan for the Florida Market – Melissa Bird, OP, deadline, May 18.
  4. Chinatown BID streetscape and streetlights – brief update.

New Business

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