Triangle participation high in the Downtown Neighborhood Survey

Last week I highlighted the report published of the results from the 2008 Downtown Neighborhood Survey. I’ve inquired to the Downtown BID about the participation levels in the survey from Mount Vernon Triangle residential properties. It turns out the Triangle turnout was huge. The condos in the Triangle accounted for 22% (117) of the total downtown residents that responded (526). That number increases to 32% if you count the buildings like 400 Mass, Mass Court, and Meridian on the fringe of the Triangle. (ed note: I forgot to include Yale Lofts in my initial request – d’oh!)

Not surprisingly, Triangle residents shop primarily at the new Safeway for groceries at a far greater rate than most downtown residents.

The random drawing prize winner is one of our neighbors in 400 Mass. She will receive a weekend stay at the Hotel Monaco and diner for four at any one of Passion Food Hospitality’s Downtown restaurants (DC Coast, Tenh Penh, Ceiba and Acadiana).

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