T-Mobile signs lease at City Vista

Commercial real estate firm Edens and Avant (E&A) recently executed a lease with T-Mobile to be a future tenant at City Vista. When E&A purchased the portfolio of City Vista retail space from Lowe Enterprises last December this negotiations with the celluar provider were already well under way. The lease is for Bay 30 which is ~1500sf situated on Fifth Street between Chevy Chase Bank and Ace Hardware. No permits have been posted and I do not yet have any idea on ETA.

The City Vista retail along Fifth Street will remain services oriented. I believe contractual obligations with Safeway do not permit competing food uses at City Vista within a certain radius from the Safeway main entrance.

The plans continue for City Vista’s K Street frontage to be a restaurant row. The retail bays along K, with their large windows, 22 foot ceilings and plaza sidewalks are well suited for restaurants. Negotiations with restaurant tenants for K Street are ongoing and this blog will report the news when deals are executed. In this economic climate deals move slowly but, as I’ve previously written, down the road we could expect 3 or 4 additional restaurants in the K Street space.

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    Nick says

    Good news! Hopefully a new restaurant or other night time establishment will follow soon.