City Vista Grate Public Art – UPDATED

UPDATE (4/15/2009 3:40PM)Artist Ethan Kerber has sent me the most up-to-date renderings. I’ve edited this post to reflect them. Ethan has an entire Flickr photostream dedicated to the project.

Following up on the prior posting regarding the Ethan Kerber art for City Vista the below images show the rendering and the location the art will be installed.

Renderings emailed to me by artist Ethan Kerber on 4/15/2009

Red polygon denotes the large grate

From the 2007 press release:

The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities in collaboration with the Office of planning and local developers have selected artist Ethan Kerber to create and install a large permanent decorative grate for the ground level fresh air intake at City Vista, a new development in the Mount Vernon Triangle area of downtown Washington D.C. This sculpture will enhance the purely functional role of the vent and create a powerful visual metaphor on the façade of the building. This work of art is a representation and celebration of the diverse paths we all walk in life. It engages with the audience to lift their eyes upward along the building and integrates a fluid urban style into the modern lines of the architecture.

Image of ongoing fabrication at Midnight Metal Works

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  1. 3

    John Thompson says

    Nice to see movement toward more public art in DC. The artist’s website is terrific too – highly encourage people to check it out!

    I can’t wait to see it installed!

  2. 5

    Anonymous says

    I didn’t even notice this grate until I saw these photos. Wow- They keep going with the Sh**ty Vista theme over there.

  3. 7

    fourthandeye says

    Sh**ty Vista?? Huh?

    I don’t understand the City Vista haters. Imagine a scenario where instead of City Vista with it’s Busboys, Safeway, Results, etc.. that site was occupied by a carbon copy of Meridian at Gallery Place with high rise residential but minimal public amenities… If that were the case I may very well not have bought in any building in the Triangle… So I don’t think everyone must worship City Vista but how can you call it Sh**ty? It’s the only new development presently contributing services and identity to the Triangle.

  4. 8

    Lynn says

    I live in City Vista and like it a lot here, but I don’t like this art – I think the grate would look better plain. :-( Ah well, maybe it will go nicely with our giant planter filled with holly and sea grass…


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