Quick Buddha Bar ABC license update

At tonight’s ANC 6C Meeting the lawyers representing Buddha Bar admitted they mistakenly filed the license under the wrong placard. I didn’t follow all the legalese, but because they will have a DJ they need to file in a different way. This will push the timelines for ABC licensing outward a month. Considering the restaurant has not begun buildout of the space this setback on the application of the CR liquor license is not holding anything up.

On a related note, Buddha Bar is agreeable to scaling back the patio hours to midnight on the weeknights and 1am on the weekend.

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  1. 1

    Anonymous says

    I guess the question is whether the music is contained or the music will drift to the residential buildings like it does from the Eye Street Studios when the band practices. Did they address that issue?

  2. 2

    fourthandeye says

    The issue of sound/music emanating from the building was not discussed. Perhaps that will be addressed by the ANC6C PZ&E committee when the work permits for the buildout are filed.

    At the special DNA forum for Buddha Bar one 400 Mass resident suggested they should explore a double entrance. That will allow the sound to be trapped in the vestibule when people enter and exit.

    One bittersweet thing for me about the Buddha Bar is that their ambience (dimly lit) and need for sound proofing may mean all the windows get blocked out. Hopefully that doesn’t alter the aesthetic of the building to much. While I don’t like many of the glass box buildings elsewhere in the city I do think 455 Mass has a very appealing look.