Dispute between AA Auto and Church

On the tail end of the of the April ANC 6C Agenda is an item surrounding a dispute regarding a lot of land on the 300 block of K Street NW. The lot is owned by Bible Way Church however the adjacent business, AA Auto, had annexed it as overflow parking for junker cars. I do not know the backstory if the church had once permitted this use by AA Auto. However at present day the church does not support the use and is seeking enforcement through legal means.

Below is a photo I took last summer of the dogs that had been serving as security at this lot.

This evening I do see activity of cars being towed off the lot. The tow truck appears more like a private towing firm than civic…

UPDATE [4/7/2009 8:00AM] – This morning the lot remains about 1/3 full of cars. A big pile of tires is also visible.

Click image to enlarge

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  1. 2

    tom veil says

    Those dogs are still there. By the standards of that block, they’re model citizens. Bozzuto should think about buying out that entire block — I’d wager that the cost of levelling it is much less than the amount that that block’s existence will drag down the value of their neighboring properties.

  2. 3

    fourthandeye says

    To my knowledge Bozzuto does not own any land on the 300 block of K. Their holdings are on the 400 block on NY Ave.