April ANC 6C Draft Agenda

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6C
Tuesday, April 7, 2009 7:00 pm
Heritage Foundation, 214 Massachusetts Avenue N.E.

Draft Agenda

Call to order
Approval of agenda
Approval of March minutes
Treasurer’s report

  • 2009 Budget

Brief community announcements

  • Capitol Hill Classic 10 K race, May 19 – Jason Raymond
  • ITU World Championship Triathlon, June 21 – Ira Brody
  • Census – Laurie Anderson
  • Chinatown Market outcome – Comm. Docter

Old Business

Public Safety report (Comm. Dixon)

Liquor License Committee report (Comm. Phelps)

  • Buddha Bar – New establishment
  • B&M Grocery – Brenda Keyes, application for exemption from single sales

Transportation Committee report (Citizen Co-Chairs John Kelly, Joe McCann)

  • Plans for addressing Motor Carrier Office issues
  • Parking on public space – Kurt Pluntke

Youth and Education Committee report (Comm. Hamilton)

Zoning and Planning Committee report (Citizen Chair Rob Amos)

  • 1209 and 1211 Fourth Street NW (HPRB Concept #09-151) Concept approval for 3-story, rear additions to both 1209 and 1211 4th Street. Applicant: Abbas Fathi, Owners: Mr. and Mrs. Ostad Housseini; Hearing: April 23.
  • 19 I Street NW – Gonzaga High School (BZA # 17913) – Jeff Utz, request to construct new facilities and new below grade parking.
  • 1179 Third Street NE – Oasis Liquors (BZA # 17992)- Joseph Park, application to re-open liquor store.
  • 728 F Street NE (BZA #17791) Application to continue operations of a day care center
  • Downtown streetscape and streetlights, BID plans presented by DDOT including streetscape surrounding Chinatown Park
  • 515 D Street NW- Recorder of Deeds building (HP application #09-144) Suman Sorg, request for 3-story rooftop addition.

New Business

  • 300 K Street N.W. – Temporary restraining order against illegal parking on church lot
  • Urban Institute request for letter of support for tax exempt bonds to build in NoMa – Tala Shalavi
  • Resolution honoring Mrs. Loree Murray – Comm. Phelps


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