Perfect Score

Last summer Front Seat upgraded their Walk Score product by issuing rankings and heat maps for major cities across the United States. These new features were covered heavily in the D.C. blog-o-sphere and there wasn’t much for me to add to the story. Besides, at the time only Fifth Street Hardware was open and contributing from City Vista to our neighborhood’s Walk Score.

Fast forward to today with Busboys, Safeway, Results and Chevy Chase Bank open and the corner of 5th and K (inputted as 1025 5th St NW) now has a perfect Walk Score of 100.

Walk Score for 5th & K

Walk Score is still a little wonky. Inputting 475 K Street, only a few hundred feet from the corner, gets a noticeably different score. The tool also does not recognize Safeway as being within close range of Madrigal Lofts.

Transit time from 5th & K

Front Seat continues to evolve its products. The newest addition, in beta release, is a Transit Time heat map that combines metrorail data with the company’s Walk Score technology. WMATA only made their data feed publicly available last Monday so Metrobus data is not yet integrated but should be in the plans.

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  1. 1

    Anonymous says

    I just put in 555 Mass. It got a 100 walk store but… for restaurant it listed Louis Rogue (the corner full frontal nudity strip club instead of BB&P), movie theater was Goethe Institute instead of Regal or E Street, school was Goethe Institute, park was Brentwood Yard (huh?), library was GAO (how about MLK?), bookstore is Denmark Publications (where is that???), hardware was Monarch Paint instead of Ace, but coffee shop was BB&P. I agree we rank 100 but their definitions need to be greatly refined.

  2. 2

    fourthandeye says

    Brentwood Yard is apparently the name of the little Triangle park with the huge Oak Tree across from Safeway’s main entrance.

    As for some of the other items… you are technically closer to Louis Rogue than Busboys and Monarch rather than Ace, etc.. Walkscore is just using the classifications for businesses found on Google Maps. It doesn’t account for whether Busboys has broader appeal than Louis Rogues.