CEO of NDC name drops City Vista

Earlier this week DCMud published an interview with Neighborhood Development Corporation (NDC) founder and CEO Adrian G. Washington. NDC was a member of the development team for City Vista and Washington mentioned the project several times as an example of his company’s success.


DCMUD: At this point, it’s safe to say that CityVista has been a success, while other projects in the immediate area have stumbled. What would you chalk that up to?

AGW: It’s funny because we just had a case study that ULI did and they put together all the people –developers, contractors, lawyers and architects. One of the things that we talked about was doing a true mixed-use project – some condos, some apartments and retail. It’s really hard from a construction standpoint, from a legal standpoint, from an architectural standpoint, but if you get right and you get the right mix…synergy is a corny term, but it really applies to this.

We got this great Safeway, we got Busboys and Poets and we have a real mix of retailers at the base, all of which people really want. These kind of lifestyle-type things help it be a place where people really want to be. NoMa is still kind of an emerging neighborhood and people want to feel like they have a sense of community – a place where they can live, they go downstairs to shop, they can go out to eat, they can go to go the gym. And not just a little in-house gym, but a really cool gym like Results.

It’s a really cool place and what we’ve seen is different parts of DC, but we have people from Prince George’s County and Virginia. It’s just been a nice sort of synergy and I think the rental component energizes the condo component that it’s drawn people from all over. You think it would be people who live in and the condo component energizes the retail component and vice versa. And I think it’s priced right. It’s not entry-level pricing, but it’s not super-luxury pricing either and a lot of people can afford it. We knew we were going to sell like that.

NoMA? If you are the CEO of a company that worked on the City Vista project you should know the difference between the Mount Vernon Triangle and NoMA.

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  1. 1

    Chris in Eckington says

    I would give him the benefit of the doubt. When DC planners first coined the term “NOMA” in the late 90s, the boarders of the area were pretty nebulous and some referred to the Mt. Vernon Triangle area as being part of NOMA, because it is North of Massachusetts Ave. It’s only recently that the two areas have become much more clearly defined.

  2. 2

    fourthandeye says

    I frequently give residents the benefit of the doubt on NoMA vs MVT thing. Whether they be long time residents or the lady from the Meridian apts who I chatted with in line on election day. They are somewhat arbitrary entities. But a CEO of a Development company that worked on the flagship project should know the difference.