Lunar Massage

A new business called Lunar Massage ( specializing in seated-chair and fully clothed table massages for on-the-go professionals was featured in Washingtonian this week.

Owner Joanna Robinson describes her business as “a “middle ground” between a spa and the seated-chair massage or tiny massage clinics set up in malls or offices. Each of her seven on-call therapists is a licensed practitioner trained in therapies such as medical massage, sports massage, and shiatsu. The price starts at $26 for 20 minutes and goes up to $108 for 90 minutes.

Lunar Massage is located at 1101 5th Street NW – just across New York Avenue from Safeway’s main entrance.

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  1. 2

    si says

    A friend & i stopped in to say hi & check it out…joanna has also been by a community meeting, shes totally delightful. the place is lovely & shes also got some cool prints & reasonably priced t-shirts by some localish artists. I like the concept of a non nekkid place.

  2. 3

    Andy says

    Lunar Massage as a wellness service.
    Massage is traditionally associated with the spa environment, which is focused on pampering and a total experience, but not necessarily on quality massage. Surely the relaxing aspects of massage can be beneficial and pampering is great, but I’ve found a deficit in massage provision that is tailored to the client, is provided in an accessible
    Massage tables