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    PQS says

    I’m sorry to see that – the owners seem like really good people. I was worried when I first heard about a liquor store moving in but they made it into a pretty classy place.

    $145k net seems a little too good to be true though. I wonder why they are selling?

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    PQS says

    Could this listing be the property for sale rather than the store itself? I think Tunnel is just renting, so they wouldn’t be on a real estate site in that case, right?

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    fourthandeye says

    Not sure exactly how that works. But the mention of the receipts made me think it was a package deal for the business and to take over the remainder of the lease…

    You’d have to think Tunnel signed a five year lease – no?

  4. 4

    PQS says

    Yeah, you’d think. That could make sense.

    I think (but I’m not sure) that the building for Papa John’s Tunnel, and the appartment above is all one property so you’d think if that was what was for sale then it would be going for more than $300k.

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    Matthew Yglesias says

    I emailed the realtor; what’s for sale is the business not the building.

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    sir says

    I’m intrigued about buying the place. What is everyone’s opinion about it. I’ve read that the place has been robbed more then once since it opened? One time is all it takes for someone to sell, I understand. I guess what I’m asking is, is the neighborhood that dangerous?

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    Chris 555 Mass says

    I’m sure Safeway is killing their wine sales. This store is probably a little too high end for our neighborhood. What they should have gone for is a big selection of quality bottles in the $10 to $20 range. I’m very sad to see them sell, they are wonderful people and hung on even after they were robbed and shot. Such a shame.

  8. 9

    fourthandeye says

    @sir – the owner of Tunnel was shot in a robbery on Dec 22 2007. At that point only a handful of people lived in the Madrigal next door and Papa Johns wasn’t yet open. I think the corner is safe and only getting safer. When the DuMont eventually gets its issues sorted out and residents move in that corner should only become more viable and more safe.

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    sir says

    Wow, you guys are an active blog! I have visited the hood and it is clean, clean and clean. Not to sound cavalier, but violence happens everywhere in the city. I am a victim of it myself. As for the net of the place, sheesh, why would someone walk away from that! If the owner is afraid of getting shot again, hire staff, or a security guard. When thieves know you’re alone in a store, they will target you. Yes, I know they put cameras in and a buzzer in as precautions.
    Chris 555, thanks for the observation about safeway, those are the things I want to hear.

  10. 11

    PQS says

    I agree with fourthandeye. The change in the area has been huge since that robbery. Safety and police presence have both greatly improved. Even then it wasn’t terrible. The robbery occurred at 10am on the Saturday before Christmas and the guy was caught within a few hours.

  11. 12

    Anonymous says

    I agree with the observation about the Papa Johns. Tunnel is no longer isolated as pizza delivery drivers are always going in and out of the front of that building. Never say never but another robbery is much less likely. -CM

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    Anonymous says

    for what it’s worth, net sales is not the same thing as net profit. Net sales is just net revenue (gross revenue minus returns, spoilage, other minor stuff). Even with the $145k net sales, the store may not be turning a profit.

  13. 14

    Anonymous says

    It’s possible net sales in this case is just total receipts minus taxes. You’d have to back out operating costs to determine profit.

  14. 15

    Pency87 says

    I’ve lived near that corner for more than four years (first at Mass Court Apts, now at Madrigal Lofts). I was thrilled when Tunnel opened and the folks who ran the store could not be more delightful. (He even re-ordered a case of an Aussie red just for my wife and me.) Sadly for Tunnel, it was the arrival of Safeway and their extensive and inexpensive wine selection that may have been most damaging to them. The DuMont fiasco (any news on this?!?) also played a part–lost opportunity for lots of potential shoppers. The neighborhood has changed significantly for the better since their opening. It’s a shame they won’t be part of the continued success of our block. Sincerest best wishes to their future endeavors.

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    si says

    I’m no expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I dont really like the wine that safeway has. i bought for a party once and felt like i ended up paying way too much for mediocre brands. I do like the little stores for interesting wines, especially with funny names. Tunnel is a very nice store and the location will be better in a loooong time when the 395 air rights project gets going…

  16. 17

    Jason says

    While I don’t think the neighborhood needs a liquor store every two blocks, I thought Tunnel would be the one to endure. This surprises me. Subway II must have a more favorable lease.

  17. 18

    Anonymous says

    I was a loyal Tunnel customer before Safeway opened, and I had planned to continue to patronize them as the local business. However, I was constantly frustrated by their inconsistent hours and refusal to label their merchandise. They lost my business due to bad practice.