Buddha Bar Patio Hours

Last week I recapped a recent open forum discussion hosted by DNA between Buddha Bar ownership and community residents. Eran Gorev, a representative of the owners of the restaurant group, expressed how committed he is to working with the community on issues of noise, lighting, etc… Understandably he was light on specifics regarding these issues as it is early in the process.

What I have seen today is the Buddha Bar’s ABC application. The hours of operation for the restaurant are designated as 11:30AM to 2:00AM Sun-Thurs with an extension until 3:00AM on Fridays and Saturdays. The restaurant is requesting the same late night hours for their expansive 104 seat patio along Mass Ave.

Buddha Bar sunken patio along Mass Ave

It’s important to keep in mind that these hours are the maximum possible hours their liquor license will allow. It does not mean the restaurant manager will necessarily elect to keep the patio open that late. But in an area surrounded by residences some feel patio hours beyond 11PM weekday and midnight weekends are non-starter and that a written voluntary agreement limiting late night patio hours is needed. The community only has true leverage at certain points in the process – the liquor license is one of those points.

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  1. 1

    Anonymous says

    This is a non-starter. There is no way folks drinking outdoors until 3 a.m. will ever be compatible next to residential buildings. They need to close the patio at 11 p.m. like every other Penn Quarter patio.

  2. 3

    Matthew Yglesias says

    I think that in a neighborhood which is hoping to attract more businesses to our vacant retail spaces and more development in general, all amidst a catastrophic recession, it would behoove us to adopt a friendly attitude to entrepreneurs who want to come into the area.

  3. 4

    Anonymous says

    Seems to me it would be nice to have eyes on the street that late at night. If these residential buildings are insulated at all, there should be no problem for residents.

  4. 5

    Anonymous says

    insulation doesn’t matter – sound penetrates windows quite easily.

    that said, I think midnight on Friday/Saturday nights is reasonable for the patio. Just because we’re in a temporary recession, that doesn’t mean we have to sell our souls to land a restaurant.

  5. 6

    Anonymous says

    Midnight or later on weekends is perfectly fine by me (speaking as a resident across the street). You guys did want this place to come to the area, did you not? What exactly did you expect? If you dont like this kind of thing, move to the burbs.

  6. 7

    Anonymous says

    The majority of restaurants/bars in Penn Quarter close their patios by midnight or 1am. Right? Nearby Busboys is also following suit. Yet anyone who’s concerned Buddha Bar wants their 100 seat patio to stay open until 3AM hates entrepreneurs and should move to the ‘burbs…

  7. 8

    Anonymous says

    According to the DNA, the weekday closing time is 11 p.m. for PQ patios by residential buildings. That is a good standard. And it is important that the music does not penetrate the condos across the way or the future residents of the Dumont. Peaceful coexistence benefits all.

  8. 9

    John Thompson says

    I am a very strong supporter of allowing later hours on a trial basis for the 1st year (even 6 mos.) & then putting it up for review/approval again. I live at City Vista and the sound from the patio cannot be heard from the building. After all, it's just people dining outdoors, not a rock concert.

    I would guess tht people don't generally live in the built up, commercial/retail areas of the city because of the calm & serene surroundings (that's what the more residential, rowhouse neighborhoods provide). I have always lived in the city for the vibrant lifestyle just outside my door & would welcome a high-end establishment that has late-night patio hours. Open City is a great example – their outdoor seating has minimal (if any) sound impact on the surrounding neighborhood.

    I think that patrons dining outdoors at Buddha Bar would have a minimal impact (if any) on the already present street noise of Mass Ave. I support allowing them to keep their patio open late for the 6 monthe, even up to their first year, as a trial run. If it becomes an issue, we can address it when they're up for review. If it turns out not to be an issue, we'd have a really cool place to eat & relax (without pressure to finish 'cause the patio is closing) after leaving our ANC,DNA & MVSNA meetings!

  9. 10

    Matthew Yglesias says

    I think John Thompson is making sense on this. I doubt, based on the example of Busboys, that there would actually be a substantial noise problem with Buddha Bar. Let them stay open late on a trial basis, and the issue can be revisited if there’s a problem.

    For that matter, speaking as a City Vista resident I would favor giving Busboys the chance to keep the patio open later. It’s possible that this would prove problematic, but most likely I think we would learn to like the greater vibrancy and the “eyes on the street” factor.

  10. 11

    Anonymous says

    I live across the street and support the later hours. On the premise that Buddha Bar will not have amplified music on the patio, I agree with John Thompson; the traffic noise on Massachusetts Ave. will be much louder than any patrons on the patio. While I am a strong proponent of draconian restrictions on alcohol licenses unless the licensee has a neutral-to-positive impact on the neighborhood, it seems silly to oppose.

  11. 12

    fourthandeye says

    I’ll add my two cents…

    First and foremost I do think protection for the neighborhood from amplified music on the patio is worth getting in writing.

    I can’t imagine Buddha Bar will even need/want the patio after 11pm on weekdays. They’ve got a big 9500sf venue and the decor inside and music will be enough of a draw to get the last few weeknight patio dwellers to take it back inside. On the 11pm weeknights patio curfew issue I’m guessing y’all are fighting it hard than Mr Gorev will. I’m a little more conflicted on the appropriate hour of the weekend patio curfew…

  12. 13

    fourthandeye says


    Just curious – how many nights has the Busboy patio even been open since you moved in during Late ‘Oct? These have been chilly months so I imagine not many. How late do they keep the patio open?