4th and L land ownership

I didn’t initially notice her posting, but Si Kailian uncovered the details of land ownership for the gravel lots at 4th and L using the DC Atlas tool.

I’ve taken the visual representation of her legwork a bit farther below. The land is lots 0837 and 0842 within Square 0525. The DC Real Property database shows the two lots are owned by Golden Rule (aka Bible Way Church) due to a sale in 2005.

This would indeed seem to squash any ideas to transform this area with a dog park or other public amenity.

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  1. 3

    tom veil says

    It doesn’t squash the idea so much as it forces those who want the park to stop talking to the government and start talking to the church. I highly doubt the church wants this land to remain blighted, but on the other hand they might not have enough cash on hand to make improvements without outside help.

  2. 4

    Douglas A. Willinger says

    Who knows? Their involvement with the placing of the apartment building on New Jersey Avenue blocking the continuation of the unused I-395 northbound on ramp suggests they are hardly pro civic.